Strengthening the Capacity of the Ecumenical Movement


Specific objectives:

  • Provide advisory services, understood as both education and support, promoting the  institutional development of the organizations and supporting the effectiveness of their work.

  • Promote the visibility and impact of the different actors of the ecumenical movement, local churches and community organizations, facilitating communication between them and the different sectors of the civil society.

  • Provide training relating to the feasibility and sustainability of the initiatives launched by different community organizations, the local churches, inter-confessional groups and  ecumenical grass roots groups. Promote processes adapted to the needs and potential of each group using their experience and insight to improve the knowledge base.  

  • Strengthen, through the Ecumenical Fund to Support Small Projects in Argentina, social organizations’ capacity to fully exercise their rights to transform the conditions of poverty and inequality.

Advisory Services


Project Development - PME Planning System

Project Implementation – Technique and set of activities aimed to achieve an objective - Strategic Planning

Organization and Structure

Institutional Policies. Orientation, guideline, criteria


Resource (Funds) Development - Diversification and Mobilization of Resources

Planning to impact on Public Policies

Communication in Organizations



Project Development - PME Planning System

Reporting - Accounting

Communication in Organizations

Impact on Public Policies


Through the following lines of action, Creas seeks to support the institutional development of ecclesiastical, ecumenical and community organizations, and to encourage the effectiveness of their work, thus contributing to the promotion and realization of human rights.

Institutional Strengthening


Build the capacities of the different bodies by developing or reviewing their aims and strategies, the definition or clarification of roles, their institutional systems and policies, and the training or consolidation of management and work teams.

Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME)

Training relating to project development, on the basis of a plan adapted to each body’s mission and relevant to their context. Training should encompass systematic monitoring and participatory evaluation mechanisms, and include contributions for the Small Projects Fund (FPP) that Creas has in Argentina, and for other FPPs in the region.

Resource Mobilization and Management

Promote processes aimed to generate, diversify and effectively manage resources, within the framework of relationships of cooperation, transparency and mutual accountabiblity. The goal is to provide a basis for the feasibility and sustainability of projects and bodies.

Visibility and Impact

Support the different bodies in the development of their internal and external communications, aimed to show the image of a competent, credible organization to facilitate its identification and recognition, and to favor strategic alliances. In addition to increasing the direct impact of their initiatives, this process seeks to influence those who have power over public policies pushing them to establish, strengthen or implement policies that transform situations of poverty and injustice.

Networking and Cooperation

Strengthen the ecumenical movement in each country and throughout South America by encouraging Creas’ cooperation and its participation in joint initiatives.


The annual activities established in CREAS programs are planned and conducted after evaluating the program implemented the previous year, and on the basis of the analysis of the situation in each country and on this country’s needs. The activities are then agreed upon with the leadership in each country.



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